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Snake Removal Dayton Ohio

​Snakes are very common in Dayton Ohio, the 2 most common varieties are the common Garter Snake and The Black Rat Snake/Grey Rat Snake. Common Complaints we get from concerned citizens: Snake in house, Snake in garage, Snake in basement, Snake in crawl space. You can make an area less attractive to snakes by: controlling insect and rodent populations, removing piles of junk, rocks, brush and boards, and keeping grass mowed and landscapes clean.The Eastern gartersnake is one of Ohio's three gartersnakes, and it is the most abundant snake in Ohio.The gray ratsnake is Ohio's largest snake and one of the most common snakes senselessly slaughtered out of ignorance and fear.

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At Advanced Wildlife our highly trained and experienced staff has the knowledge and equipment to quickly and humanely resolve your snake conflict. Contact us and one of our friendly staff members can evaluate your wildlife concerns. Call us for your Snake Removal Dayton Ohio, and Snake Control Dayton Ohio needs.
Most snakes are beneficial in helping to control destructive insects and rodents. Only three species of snakes in Ohio (the copperhead, and the massasauga and timber rattlesnakes) are venomous. None of these snakes are common.

Problems with snakes range from occasional encounters with a single snake to infestations of large numbers of snakes in basements and out-building foundations. Snakes are a valuable part of the ecosystem, including Ohio's 3 venomous species. Individual snakes should be valued for their rodent- and insect-eating habits. A snake that takes up residence where it cannot be tolerated should be captured and released at least a mile away from the dwelling.