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Pigeon Removal Dayton Ohio
Feral Pigeons are a huge problem in Dayton Ohio. They nest and roost on building ledges and in locations where they can gain entry into attics or other overhangs. Common complaints we receive about pigeons: Pigeons on my roof, Pigeon Removal, Pigeons in my attic, Pigeons pooping, Pigeon Control. A flock of Non-Native feral pigeons can be a health concern when there droppings accumulate, the droppings also act as a caustic agent to roofing materials leading to shortened life of roofing materials.  We are able to trap the existing flock of pigeons, clean the mess they left behind and then install deterrents to prevent a problem with pigeons in the future.
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At Advanced Wildlife our highly trained and experienced staff has the knowledge and training to quickly and humanely resolve your pigeon conflict. Contact us today and one our friendly staff members will evaluate your wildlife concerns. Call us for all of your Pigeon Removal Dayton Ohio, and Pigeon Control Dayton Ohio needs.