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Mole Removal Dayton Ohio

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Moles are very common in the greater Dayton Ohio area. They are impressive burrowers and very adept at digging through a residential lawn in search of food. Common complaints we get related to moles: Mole in yard, Mole in lawn, Mole removal, Mole control. Moles dig their way through lawns in search of food and traveling in search of mates. There are 3 species of moles found in Dayton Ohio the most common is the Eastern Mole, second most common is the hairy tailed mole, and the least common and actually endangered is the Star nosed mole. 
At Advanced Wildlife our highly trained and experienced staff have the knowledge and equipment to quickly and humanely resolve your mole conflict. Contact us and a member of our friendly staff can evaluate your wildlife concerns. Call us for all of your Mole Removal Dayton Ohio, and Mole Control Dayton Ohio needs. 
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​This mole can be found in areas with moist, sandy loam soil such as lawns, golf courses, gardens, and fields. They burrow just below the surface of the ground by pushing through the soil with their snout and forefeet.

​The Eastern mole is characterized by its broad front feet with the palms turned outward and the lack of external ears. They have tiny eyes and ears, each covered with a thin layer of skin. Their soft fur is a silvery to slate-gray color. The tail is hairless. 

​Typical foods include worms, insects, and some vegetable matter. 

​Eastern moles only breed once a year. After a gestation period of about six weeks, four to five young are born. They live in a nest in the tunnel system with their mother until they reach maturity at about one month of age. 

While the Eastern mole may cause damage to lawns and gardens, they also aerate the soil and eat unwanted insects